Make a great 1st impression with your beautiful KnoCard
Deliver a duplicatable message with your custom playlist
Log in to your back office to see which leads have viewed your videos
Follow up only with the leads who have expressed interest
Our advanced features have been designed to take a simple virtual business card and turn it into the most powerful, cost-effective tool you'll ever use. Whether you're a sales rep for a large or small corporation, a networker, realtor, musician, owner of a brick & mortar store, butcher, baker, or a candlestick maker, KnoCard/TRAX can help you increase your profitability. And as an extra bonus, we'll help you look pretty cool (and sophisticated)!
Virtual Business Card - Video Player - Lead Generation - Tracking & Reporting




Features to Expand Your Business

What We Do


Bio Page
People do business with people they know, like and trust. Your About page is the place for you to make a great first impression! Your leads already know you’re cool, because you have a KnoCard, but they may not know much more about you. Introduce yourself and build trust and rapport with ease.



Spotlight your contact details, all in 1 simple place. Just add your info during setup and the system will generate click to call, click to text, and click to email links. Your KnoCard also includes a direct link to your business or replicated website. Everything right in your customers' hands!



Business Page
An “a-la-carte” page that allows you to use your imagination and make KnoCard truly yours. This page can serve a variety of purposes;  list services, pricing, testimonials, etc - and may include up to 5 external links. It's the perfect place to add chat link, shopping cart link, etc.



Social Media
We know you love being social and yes we get it. You have a lot of social media sites, and It can get confusing sometimes, which is why we’ve made it simple. Your social media page serves as a hub for all of your sites and provides access to all with one quick tap. Yup, we've got you covered!
How are you exposing your business to others...passing out business cards, sharing online videos, promoting your products and services through social media? What if every effective marketing tool out there were combined into one affordable, simple product? Welcome to KnoCard/TRAX, jam packed with features that will wow!
And yes... these cutting-edge products have been designed to take advantage of today's hottest technologies - mobile and video! Unless you live in a cave you'll probably never find yourself without your business card, sales brochures, or referral form. If you have your mobile device, you're good to go!

It All Begins with Your 

Custom KnoCard

Rise above your competition with something uniquely you.

Dazzle your customers and leads with colors, graphics, and a look and feel that is unlike anything else out there. If you'd like to focus 100% on your own branding, we even have an option that excludes our logo!

Custom Colors, icons, graphics

Connect via phone, text, or email

Links to all of your social media sites

Add External Links

Your Own Custom Icon - How COOL is That?

You own personal icon... talk about branding! Whether you want to use a profile picture or your logo, your icon can be stored on any mobile device. Exactly like an app, it acts as a shortcut to open your KnoCard but unlike an app, it doesn't take up precious storage space on users' devices.

Share, Refer and Track

When you hand out a business card, drop off a brochure, or share a video, do you have any idea what happens to that marketing material? Was it saved in an important place for future reference, or did it end up in the trash or even worse, was it used as a toothpick, then tossed?

KnoCard takes the guesswork out of sharing. When you share your KnoCard/TRAX, or a satisfied customer uses our system to refer you, you're not only putting your best marketing materials into others' hands, literally - but you're also creating a database of leads, and have access to invaluable tracking information. 

Standalone Website - The Only Site You'll Ever Need!

Check it out on a computer, we still make it look AMAZING!

We've designed KnoCard to serve as a mobile marketing tool but let's face it, there are still a few desktop users out there! No worries, we've got you covered on that front as well.

Your KnoCard looks great on a computer, and is completely functional. So much so that it can be used as your primary business website. And let's not forget; you can make your own revisions quickly and easily - no webmaster or technological skills required.

It Gets Even Better

With TRAX!!!

Yes, your KnoCard will run circles around any business card out there. But it's only the beginning! 

Did you know that marketers have reported business growth at a rate 49% faster than non-video users? Or that 64% of consumers take action and make a purchase after watching a video?

We've done the research for you, and stepped up the game with TRAX - so that you can step up YOUR game with accelerated growth and profit!

Multiple Playlists

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website worldwide. With that in mind it only makes sense to utilize video in your marketing efforts... and TRAX has simplified it all for you in an attention-grabbing package!

TRAX enables you to create as many separate playlists as you'd like, using your own videos that have been hosted on YouTube. Shooting video not your thing? No worries, you can leverage the power of video by using public videos as well.

With multiple playlists, the options are endless. Simply create categories (training videos, product videos, testimonials, etc.) and add or delete videos as often as you'd like.

Video Sharing

The TRAX platform contains a Public/Private feature designed to offer a library of videos to our users. When you add a video to your playlist and mark it as Public, it can be easily added to another user's playlist.

This feature is perfect for team leaders who want to make their videos easily accessible to their group members. The use of keywords simplifies the process by providing a search feature that can be used to locate specific videos.

We do suggest that you take care to use a few special practices when creating a Public video. Your last name and rank should not be announced, and be sure to direct viewers to the person who sent them the playlist. 


Don't worry, you don't have to be a graphic designer, or even have any design experience, to create a professional playlist. We've taken the work out of it by designing a wide variety of templates for you to choose from. 

Whether you're in health and wellness, the cosmetics industry, jewelry, you name it - you'll find an awesome template that will be perfect! 

Or start with a template and make it truly your own by changing colors, graphics, etc. How simple is that?

Dedicated Link
The footer section of your playlist is reserved for your own dedicated link. Send viewers to any external page, perhaps your online store, enrollment page, or a scheduling site. 
KnoCard Link
Once your leads view your playlist, they'll have access to your contact information with a simple tap. Your profile picture and a link to your KnoCard will appear above every playlist.
Even when using a template, you have the ability to change colors, background images, field titles. and links. It's the best of both worlds, world-class design along with flexibility.
If you own a business or have a very large team, you may want to consider our co-branding option. Our corporate logos will be replaced with yours, an awesome branding opportunity!

The Icing on the Cake - Analytics & Reporting

You INPUT it, we STORE It

Our cloud-based service records and stores all the valuable data that you need to take your business to the next level. Check out our Reporting page to learn more...


In today's business it's ALL about the data. Once you put these features into action you're going to wonder HOW you ever did business without KnoCard/TRAX!!!

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