Add unlimited number of videos to your playlist
Send your playlist link to leads via text using our Share feature
Back office reporting shows which leads watched videos, & number of views
Use this essential data to maximize your time & energy 
Add/delete videos as you wish - changes will be made in real-time
How many times have you handed out a business card, sent someone a link to your website, or shared a video with a lead, only to wonder what to do next, and when? Have you ever followed up with leads, only to be told they haven't had time to check out your info? Have those people ever seemed to ignore your future attempts to contact them? 
If you've ever felt like your business has earned you a membership in the NFL (no friends left) club, you're going to LOVE TRAX! This system literally helps you build your business minus... the rejection! Learn how below!





What We Do

The Importance of Timing...

Marketing With TRAX

Send your link via text

Contact info stored in your back office

Log in to learn which leads have viewed

Follow up immediately after viewing

No need to contact non-viewers

Allow the videos to be the message

Eliminate phone tag & rejection

Traditional Marketing

Hand out business cards, brochures, etc

Send video, social media links

No data to judge interest level

Follow up after X amount of days

Play "phone tag" with majority of leads

Try to sell by sharing your knowledge

Begin to feel frustration, rejection

Does the success of your business depend in part on recruiting? If so, keep this
in mind; even the best products/opportunity are only desirable to people who are
in the "looking zone". TRAX shows you which of your leads are interested in what
you'd like to share with them but just as important, it leaves the window open for
you to connect with them when the time is right for THEM, not you!

TRAX is Changing the Game, Regardless of Industry

Just a few examples...


Playlist 1: Product, opportunity, enrollment, team benefits videos

Playlist 2: Corporate videos

Playlist 3: Team training videos

Add your videos to the platform for team members to use

Add Join Team Link Below Videos

Based on views, identify the interest level/area of each lead


Playlist 1: Build trust with personal, welcome video

Playlist 2: New product information

Playlist 3: Demonstration, "how-to", features/benefits videos

Add your videos to the platform for team members to use

Add Purchase Products Link Below Videos

Follow up with leads based on the videos they've watched


Playlist 1: Videos highlighting your venue

Playlist 2: Testimonials from some of your satisfied customers

Playlist 3: Lifestyle videos

Contact button provides tap to call feature for viewers

Add Make a Reservation link below videos

Share feature enables viewers to easily send to friends/family


Playlist 1: Bio video; tell viewers who you are & what you're about

Playlist 2: Music video collection

Playlist 3: New releases

Share with talent scouts, agents, etc.

Add a link for viewers to purchase your music

Recipients can easily connect through your Social Media links

Super Simple Setup

TRAX setup is a breeze! We've made it super simple for you with industry-related templates, customizable links, and the ability to take any template and make it your own creation by changing colors.

1. Choose your Industry

2. Select a Template

3. Choose from Library

or Add Your Own Links

Step Up Your Game with the Power of Analytics

Data is your friend, and TRAX give you all the data you'll need to streamline your business and spend your valuable time with interested leads. No more guessing; pure genius!

Get yours today, and for a limited time get your First Month FREE!


In today's business it's ALL about the data. Once you put these features into action you're going to wonder HOW you ever did business without KnoCard/TRAX!!!

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