Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting


KnoCard gives you the ability to reach out to leads in a welcomed manner, TRAX allows you to share your company's information without saying a word, but the true power of our system is what lies behind the scenes. 
Our tracking and reporting feature will give you the freedom you need - from your worst enemy - REJECTION! Lead data is collected, analyzed, and reported in your back office, enabling you to sort your leads by level of interest.
Designed with networkers in mind, this mobile tool will revolutionize the way you do business, no matter what industry you're in!

Reporting is Profitable

Learn how your DATA can GROW YOUR BUSINESS
Track Views
Have you ever wondered what's happened to those hundreds of business cards you've distributed? KnoCard solves this issue by showing you who has viewed your information, and how many times they've viewed.
Smart Reports
Every time you share your KnoCard or receive a referral, the information is captured and reported in your back office. Names, phone numbers, email addresses, and number of KnoCard views are all available to you.
No More Guesswork
With TRAX, you'll know which of your leads have viewed which videos, and the number of times it was viewed. No more wondering if it's too soon or too late to follow up, or if the recipient is even interested at all!
The Power of Timing
Your leads will never be interested if the timing isn't right. TRAX gives you amazing leverage here! Recipients may not view your playlist immediately, but when the timing is right and they do, you'll be ready!
All of this essential data is stored in the Cloud, safe and secure. Real time reports are ready for you on your desktop device or right from your mobile phone. Could we make it any easier for you to manage your business?

Measure, Manage, and Monetize

What We Do

Data is essential

One of the most important things you'll ever do for your business is collect data. It's why data analytics and security have become such hot topics over the last decade, and the underlying factor involved in the huge valuations placed on many online companies.

This simple quote by Peter Drucker sums it all up; "Information is the foundation of managing any business". Big businesses have incorporated this philosophy into every aspect of their operations and now with KnoCard you can too! We understand that you want to run like the "big dogs" but don't have their infinite budgets - and we've got you covered!


In today's business it's ALL about the data. Once you put these features into action you're going to wonder HOW you ever did business without KnoCard/TRAX!!!

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