Project Description/


KnoCard is a web-based virtual business card that, when used in conjunction with KnoCard Trax, is designed to act also as a lead generation tool, recruiting tool, database, and video playlist. Due to its many features, KnoCard also acts as a highly responsive website and a contact manager.



KnoCard is a digital product that will be offered for free, with no credit card, for the first 30 days. Upon expiration of the trial period, the account will be deactivated unless the user purchases an upgrade. 

KnoCard must be 100% responsive, with all images and content rendering perfectly on all internet-equipped devices. Setup will be available to customers through a mobile device or computer. Revisions may be made by the customer at any time and will be visible to the user in real time.


We have broken down high level features/tasks to provide a general idea of project requirements:

Virtual Business Card


  • Highly responsive website that will be used as a virtual business card; will act as a mini-website when viewed on a computer

  • Ability to auto generate unique link and VBC for each new customer

  • 3 price points, including a free version

  • Free 30 day trial - no credit card required; will need countdown from day 1 and prompt to upgrade to paid version (except for users who have chosen free product) after trial expiration

  • Design studio that will enable users to set up account and design the VBC via a mobile device or desktop computer

  • Design studio will include background library and icon library

  • Multiple "internal" pages (i.e., Bio page, etc), or ability to add external links

  • Link to video player



Video Player


  • Creation of playlists using YouTube/Vimeo links

  • Ability to create multiple playlists

  • Complete tracking in back office Reporting section, who viewed videos, when viewed, how many times viewed, duration of view



Contact Manager App


  • Opens contacts that are currently in users phone

  • Ability to send link to the Virtual Business Card via users mobile carrier

  • VBC link will pre-populate in message, user has ability to customize the message before sending

  • Contact Manager app will display icon to indicate that a contact has received the link

  • Data recording and tracking that will be reported in users back office



3 For Free


  • Each VBC will have a link for viewers to get their own VBC; purchases will be tracked to original VBC owner

  • Original VBC owner will receive a refund (via back office wallet) for every month in which 3 customers that are directly linked to the original owner is an active (paid) user

  • Funds may be withdrawn from back office wallet once balance has reached a minimum of $25



Integration with Merchant Account


  • Currently using

  • Open to other suggestions, including Stripe



Back Office


  • VBC Design Studio

  • Geneology reports - tracking for the 3 for Free program

  • Account Settings

  • Contact Manager - lite version of contact manager that will enable users to add notes, etc

  • Video Player creation/revision

  • Reporting - recipient activity including clicks on VBC, detailed reporting on video views

  • Wallet - view earnings, ability to request payout, notification to corporate that payout has been requested

  • Billing Info - update credit card, cancel account

  • Support - email support



Future Builds


  • Introduce an affiliate model that will provide compensation for users who bring on new users

  • Public/Private designation for info and videos added to playlists

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