Graphic Design

KnoCard is seeking a graphic designer that will help us with a variety of design jobs, including:
  • Icon development
  • Mobile app "skin"
  • Website graphics
  • Dashboard UI 
If you'd like to be considered for this job, please complete the following task:
Design an icon to represent social media. We have a number of icons (examples displayed below) but need to enlarge our library.  
As part of the application process, graphic designers are asked to create a vector image following the steps below:
  1. Use the "smiley" face, same proportions, colors, and gradient (note: blue artist icon is included for the sole purpose of giving examples of creativity... the solid blue color is not what we're looking for)
  2. Customize the "smiley" face to give it the look & feel of a social media icon
  3. Email the completed graphic to, with the subject line "Social Media Icon"
We are looking for creativity and imagination. Our end goal is to have a library of about 75 icons; 3 for each category (3 for social media, 3 for texting, 3 for a variety of industries, etc). Designer will be chosen based on the ability to follow our instructions along with graphic design ability.
Thank you for your submission!

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Independence, Oh 44131